A totem animal is a guiding spirit that has come forward on your spiritual path to come protect you, to guide you and to bring you healing or to give you information. Some people have many totem animals, others only have one or two and that is completely fine. Your power doesn’t come from numbers but through the depth of your connection to these helping spirits.

As you evolve and grow in your life and you’re faced with different challenges and different energies that you work with your totem animals might change. The shaman retrieves the totem animals from the lower world. The shaman travels to three different worlds or non-ordinary realities when they journey. These are the lower, middle and upper worlds. These aren’t physical realities but rather archetypal or energetic realities. The shaman believes that the energetic and archetypal realities inform the physical and therefor to have a relationship with these domains place you in a position of power.

The lower word can be seen as the level of the subconscious mind, the place where the collective wounds and creative gifts lie. This is the domain of the past and repressed memories of the collective unconscious. The shaman travels to uproot these wounds to heal it and receive the gifts and power the stems from doing so.

We all have unconscious patterning that shapes our lives. This can often leave us dis-empowered and at the mercy of our subconscious as it is 90 % of our mind. This becomes a problem when the subconscious mind is creating unintentional habits, patterns, behaviours and thoughts that are detrimental to our well-being. This is when the shaman would travel to the subconscious world (the lower world) to unravel the core wounding that is creating symptoms of disease.

The lower world is also the place of power animals and guardian spirits. The feeling of the lower world is that of a natural landscape, rich with nature. When we journey to the lower world our power animal and guiding spirit will help us unravel and dismantle these patterns by guiding us in the physical world. This is the great power of stepping into the healing journey, the gift lies in the wounding.

To journey to the lower world, I like to journey through the tree of life. This is a tree that I have a connection with. Your tree will call to you and energetically it all happens at the same place. I become one with the bark of the tree and go deeper down with the trees roots. Until I move down into the centre of the earth, through a tunnel and I enter into the lower world.

The totem animal is a guiding spirit that will help you become in tune with your natural instincts. You might intuitively feel a helping spirit close to you without journeying. Journeying is simply a way to move through dimensions of what already exists. Honor this spirit by placing objects around you that depicts them or place images of them in your vicinity. This will help you build relationship to honor them.

We build a relationship with spirit actively. By giving and receiving.

Blessings and love