Sammy Saunders

Upon writing this post I had so much resistance because in my experience happiness comes in
moments, it comes with practice and I’m always sceptical of formulas that claim to be the answer to
happiness. We all are so unique and different, what makes me happy wouldn’t necessarily bring you
joy. My greatest sorrow would be different from yours. However, I do think that when we journey
through life we create maps for ourselves that we can share with others. This is what I’m going to
share with you, things that helped me in my life to experience happiness. Take what resonates with
you and let the rest be, what is yours will come to you if that is what you are seeking.

1. Speak your truth
Your truth is not the truth of the collective. It is not the truth of others opinions, of others
affirmations. It’s what is true to you, what is true to your heart. It is not what you read on the
internet or what the news tells you. The truth of history or the truth of facts are the truth of
others. Tune into your heart and honour and celebrate the truth that lies there. Let your
heart lead you, vulnerable yet courageous soft and yet unstoppable. It is refreshing to listen
to the whispers of the mysterious heart and to drop the armour that keeps us locked in to a
cycle of fear.

2. Connect to nature
This is something that is lacking in our collective consciousness. The earth is going through
major changes with the damage we have done to her, thus far. Since we are living on earth,
what affects her affects all of us. This is not something to be ashamed of or to feel guilty
about. We want to take active care of her in the small ways that we can. Taking walks in
nature, does not only ground us, it takes energy that is dense and stagnant. As you walk on
the earth ask her to take these energies that doesn’t serve you anymore to transmute them
to her own growth and light. The same way the earth decomposes dead organic matter for
her own growth, she does this with energy. You can envision these energies going through
your feet into the earth. Always thank the earth when you walk upon her in this way. This
will leave you lighter and with a sense of gratitude and connection to the earth, that will
help you on your journey forward. When we heal ourselves we heal the stone-people, the
plant-people, the finned, the furred, and the winged ones. We heal all our relations.

3. Make time for sacred sex
When you masturbate or have sex with a partner or partners, create a space that is sacred.
We create sacred space by honouring someone or something in their light and their fullness
of being. Light a candle, burn some sage or incense. Take time to appreciate yourself and/or
the person you are having sex with by placing the other in silver and golden light. Connecting
from heart to heart. Silver light raises the vibration of our inner feminine and golden light
raises the vibration of our inner masculine energy. Take time to witness the unfolding of
yourself or your partner, take it slow. Sex is in the unfolding of the moment, not in
penetration or stimulation only. This creates the space to connect on a deeper level, if that is
what you are seeking. If you’re with a partner express your desire to take it slowly and make
it both of your intent to connect and watch it unfold, magic lies in the mystery. Don’t get too
tied to the details of how it will unfold, simply come in to a place of opening.

4. Make joy a priority
This is as unique as there are people on the planet. Whatever it is that makes you experience
joy, make time for it in your day. Like you make showering a priority, make joy a priority.
When we witness beauty we experience a feeling of joy. When you are in a situation where
there is no beauty, be the one that brings beauty to the situation. This makes you an agent
for joy inside of yourself, when we become carriers of beauty, we share joy.

5. Make time to be with yourself
This is an act of self-love. We live in a world where we give our power away by seeking the
answers externally. If you have questions, why not sit with yourself to see what comes to
you? You are your own teacher and it is mostly when we are alone that we can create the
space to connect with ourselves. Make it a playful fun space, why not pick up the hobby
you’ve been putting off for so long? This is not a test. So even if it is just a little time, that is

6. Cut the ties to things that don’t honour your joy
Let go of that which doesn’t serve you. If something is making you unhappy that is probably
the role, it’s playing in your life. There is no need to attach to people, places and stories that
you’ve outgrown. When you start placing worth in your own happiness, light and growth
there really is no time for situations or the beliefs they create that dampens your vibration.
Anything that eats away at your energy, is lowering your vibration. If you have issues with
cutting cords with people and places that are seeping your energy, make a booking at – Energetically we connect when we meet someone we have an affinity with we
can get a bit tangled. Whenever there are expectations, attachments and emotions involved
the thread becomes thicker until it’s like a hose that can drain our energy make us feel heavy
or supressed. When we are corded to someone in unconditional love it’s only threads of pure

7. Take care of your vessel and the mentality that goes with it
Yes, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. To exercise a few times a week and to eat clean
organic food is the ultimate. Sometimes however we can’t always stick to our regimes and
our body calls to relax or calls for chocolate. It is in these moments that it really matters how
we speak to ourselves. If we believe we’ve lost the plot and our body is falling out of shape:
that is exactly what is happening. It takes practice to be kind to ourselves, taking care of
yourself in all moments is what is important. Not just when we have a carrot in hand. Our
minds create reality; is how you are speaking to yourself the way you want to be? Speak to
yourself the way you want to be manifested in the emotional and physical realms.