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the journey

Welcome to a world of shamanic mysticism. On the journey you will be empowered through ancient healing techniques and practises to recover your original inner nature, create health instead of disease, step into right relationship with time. Allowing your highest destiny inform you rather than your past.

The essence

In the North direction, we work with the sacred, at the level of the mythic. We uncover truths about ourselves, our personal and our transpersonal nature. Healing parts of ourselves to become whole.

The medicine

Soul retrieval

This is when we recover an essential part of ourselves that has been lost as a result of trauma, that’s escaped the full impact of the pain. When we experience trauma our destiny becomes derailed. This quiet occurrence, known as soul loss, takes the form of a perceptual feeling and experience of incompleteness and disassociation. The shaman journeys to the unconscious domain to a moment in time when your life was derailed, to recover the essential energies that will help you recover your highest destiny.

Shamanic dreamwork

The world of dreaming is personal, showing what is happening inside our bodies, in our lives, in our relationship with ourselves, others and all life. The world of dreaming is also transpersonal and rests deep within the universal unconscious. Here we encounter and receive messages from gods, from departed loved ones, our ancestors and the ancestors of the land we live in. We will find ways to explore our dreams and converse in sacred space receiving guidance and messages from our personal and transpersonal existence.



The ancestors, grandmothers and grandfathers, the ancient memories, the ancient wisdom – the ones who have stepped outside of time and can help us remember the ancient ways. The way of the Hummingbird, who drinks directly from the nectar of life – not built for flight yet undertakes and accomplishes the impossible journey.

The essence

In the east, in the realm of spirit, we look at the possibilities of the future rather than the probabilities. The shaman understands that we are living in a dream, we want to be fully conscious and aware to co-create with the divine, a dream that holds beauty and healing. A sacred dream. This is the direction in which the shaman helps loved ones depart to the spirit realm consciously and in peace.

The medicine

The seven chakra illumination and the death spiral

The shaman works with a loved one who is ready to depart, brings all the themes that still hold the energy to the conscious realm. Illumination of all seven chakras will lighten the luminous energy field of the loved one to make the sacred way of passage into the world of spirit the world of light. She calls on the angels, the celestial parents and the lineage to help the spirit transcend to a place of learning and healing.

Surrogate death rites

The shaman journeys to the realm of spirit to help a loved one who might be stuck. She journeys to find the spirit to clear unfinished business or trauma that keeps the loved one stuck between worlds to transcend to the light, to the world of spirit where she can find her healing.

Stone reading

Stone reading is an ancient method of divination opening up to a portal to the infinite oneness of all things, and allowing that awareness to activate tangibly into the realm of now.

Mystical shaman oracle

Card readings that speak to us in sacred symbol, connects us to the divine wisdom of the natural world to receive clarity and guidance to dream the new story into being.

Destiny Retrieval

This is a tool where the shaman tracks and invites the original face, or original soul agreement with spirit to become active and dominant again. It becomes the main operating agreement. The destiny reaches back like a hand from the future and pulls the client toward the highest path for the highest good of all.

The archetype


The archetype of the rising Sun, the place of our becoming – seeing from high above, the vision of clarity and beauty, the great wings of the eagle hold the heart, teaches us to see with the eyes of the heart – the one who nudges us out of the nest to spread our own wings so that we may always fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit.

The essence

The shaman understands that everything we perceive is a projection of a map carried within us. When we change the map, the reality changes otherwise you run into that projection over and over again. We, unfortunately, can’t change the map by changing our minds. We change the map by designing the luminous template that organizes our perceived reality. This luminous body is a light body that we bring with us a lifetime to lifetime.

The medicine

The illumination process

With tracking techniques, we will journey through the luminous energy field and track imprints caused by trauma, karma and the ancestral lineage. When we remove these imprints from the blueprint our physical body changes. We heal disease before it enters the physical body. We heal the breast conditions, heart conditions and disease that may be transmitted from one generation to the next by clearing the template that informs and organises the body. Shamanic energy medicine upgrades the quality of the luminous energy field and instructs your cells and your genes to express health. The illumination process is the core practise of energy medicine. It is systematic, healing your physical body and your emotions. We clear the toxic energies from the chakras and overwrite the imprints that predispose us to disease.

The archetype


Serpent Archetype of the healer in many cultures; teaches us to shed our personal history the way the serpent sheds her skin. The primary life force, the one who dives deep, who knows the way into the secret places inside of ourselves – the one who walks with beauty on the belly of the Mother – the one who knows the way back to the Garden, the place of innocence. The caduceus of medicine.

The essence

This direction in the medicine wheel is the West. This direction teaches us that we are not biological beings having a spiritual experience but rather spiritual beings having a biological experience. We assume that all the energy within us belongs to us. The shaman understands that there are certain energies that she can read that do not belong to us, that calls to be extracted.

The medicine

Spirit flight

Here we travel to the world of spirit while we still have a body to come back to. It lets us understand viscerally that there is only life afterlife, not because we read it somewhere but because we experience it. In this practise we disengage the luminous body from the physical body, lifting the luminous body. We have the experience of being luminous beings travelling from body to body, form to form.

The extraction process

Crystalized energies

These are energies directed at us as a result of someone feeling betrayed, someone feeling like we wronged them in some way. These directed energies take on a symbolic shape like ‘stabbed in the back’ or ‘feeling heartbroken. These energies crystalize into shape and most commonly sit in the joints and organs. These energies are ancient from former lifetimes. The shaman tracks these energies and removed them by opening the field and drawing out the object.

Fluid energies

These are more recent energies that we have been afflicted by. There are people who feel that we have affected them adversely. Perhaps a contract we went into that went sour, a break up with someone who we thought was our soulmate. Because these people were close to us at some point, our luminous “immune system” doesn’t recognize them as foreign.

Intrusive entities

The entities we come across are most likely a relative that has died unconsciously and got attached to the nearest psychologically open person.


Energetically we connect when we meet someone we have an affinity with we can get a bit tangled. Whenever there are expectations, attachments and emotions involved the thread becomes thicker until it’s like a hose that can drain our energy make us feel heavy or oppressed. When we are corded to someone in unconditional love it’s only threads of pure light.

Bands of power

The bands of power are the shaman’s favourite form of protection. They are low cost, low maintenance. The legend of the bands is beautiful because they bring together the five essential colours of creation. These bands are woven into the fabric of your luminous energy field. They act as filters and they break anything you may be exposed to into the essential qualities of light. Any heavy energies that accompany this are disregarded. They are low cost, low maintenance protection. Our other protection is high cost, high maintenance. Other protections like emotional armouring, body armouring and protective mechanisms are very expensive. It takes about three months for the bands to fully take. This allows the client to dismantle some of these very expensive kinds of defences that they felt were necessary. We create safety in order to explore the dangerous.


This practise resets the fight or flight system. The HPA axis produces adrenalin and cortisol that in high doses are toxic to the body and deadly to brain neurons. The fight or flight is a feed-forward system. The more you turn it on the more adrenalin and cortisol it demands. The hippocampus region in the brain that allows us to learn new experiences gets damaged. Shamans of old have learned to reset fight or flight. When we repair it we can see new opportunities where others see the danger.



The jaguar knows the way across the rainbow bridge to the realms beyond death – the one who swallows the dying sun, teaching us to step beyond fear, violence and death. The archetypal connection to the life force of the jungle, everything that is green; steward of the life force – the shaman who has no enemies in this world or the next – the Life/ Death principle and renewal.