When we think of the word shaman we think of a healer and person of wisdom who keeps all knowledge to themselves in a secret chamber of self where only those who are chosen would get access to power. However, this power and this path is open to anyone and everyone. We all have the ability to connect. Our access point to connect to the world of the shaman is through the shamanic journey.

The shamanic journey can be held by anyone, to retrieve information, guidance and healing from helping spirits who come forward to guide us as individuals and as a community. Micheal Harner found that the shamanic journey is a practice common to all shamans and cultures throughout history, regardless of their geography and cultural differences.

The shamanic journey takes place when the shaman listens to percussion that leads them into an altered state of consciousness into the unseen realms. This can be thought of as a parallel universe. Here they meet with helping spirits who give them guidance. The shaman is only as powerful as their connection to their helping spirits.

The shamanic journey teaches us to find our answers for ourselves as it is the path of direct revelation. This has been so empowering in my life. It raised my self-esteem in a grounded way and I began to trust my own inner authority and decision making.

I have seen people make breakthroughs through patterning or stuck emotions. I have seen people spark up their creative energy and those who have been lifted out of depression. As Sandra Ingerman would say, the shamanic journey links us to the web of light and give our lives great meaning when we interact with spirits who are all knowing and all loving.

Thank you for reading,

In love