3 Session Package + 3 Session Check-Ins


Some people may need only one session to fully realize their revitalized state, as well as co-create a long term new map that will support navigating their journey forward and claiming the abundance of their envisioned destiny.

Yet, without any judgement or labels, in our post-session check-in, I/we may clearly see that further session work is being invited in to fully realize the goal you have to deeply remember who you are, why you are here, and to be revitalized to have all the energy and vision you need to follow the path of your dreams.



Your Sessions

I schedule a 2 hour period for each session so that we have the spaciousness to collectively explore, discover, and release obstacles and heavy energies, and then, in an empowering manner, bring a sustaining vitality and activated wisdom awareness back into the very core of you on all levels.

We will use whatever portion of that 2 hours that is needed for each session depending on what is presenting itself to journey on in any given session, as well as considering the number of energetic processes that can be successfully integrated at the time. At the beginning of a session, we will discuss together what you want to work on and allow a deep sense of supportive opening to manifest.  Once that is complete, I will call in your energy body, track within your Luminous Energy Field for the presenting heavy energies, and, using the chakra which is affected the most, clean out the heavy energy.

If called to, other interventions may be performed to achieve whatever healing is meant to happen — whether it is an Illumination, Extraction, Decoupling, Spirit Flight Journey, Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval, shamanic dreamwork, shamanic oracle, death rites, cord-cutting or any manner of the process that uniquely addresses the needs that are presenting at the time of your session.

Because we work with the Luminous Energy Field, there is no time or space as we move to shift patterns from the place of the energetic and fully receive the gifts of new, revitalized energy in return. In this space of timelessness, having your session over the phone or Skype will have the same effect as a session done in person.

Your Check-Ins

At the close of your upcoming session(s), and each subsequent session, I will be inviting you into some post-session processes and self-care opportunities for the integration of your work. Shamanic tools like Sand Painting, Fire Ceremonies, Ancestral Altars, Nature Journeys, Primal Breath Meditation, Sun Cleansing, Moon Releasing, Sacred Life River, Cosmic Pipe Attunement, Journey Vision Altars, Primal Re-wilding and much more support us gracefully to cultivate and nurture our soul journey. Obviously it is a choice whether you accept these invitations or not, but realize that they are a vital part of your journey and the success you seek. I also will be warmly encouraging a post-session check-in, two to three weeks later, to see how you are doing,  create sacred space for your integrating all that you are receiving,  and look together at what further support you might need. I get consistent feedback that these 30-minute post-session check-ins are an extraordinarily vital and fulfilling aspect of the success journey my clients make. From my many years of experience, a two to four week period is vital for the maximum integration of the work we do in any given session.  I like to honour that time period so that you are offered the highest value for the commitment you are making. These post-session check-ins are integral to that commitment.


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