Eliah was from a noble cast, the son of bishop Diego, leader of the inquisition. He had been raised in the tower of the Catholic church. He was only ever visited by the other children of the church. They would play cards together and study holy texts brought to them by the tower keeper. He was fated to follow in his fathers’ footsteps. One night there was a mighty thunderstorm. Lightning struck the tower setting it ablaze. Eliah called upon the tower-keeper: “Tower-keeper who are not here, open the door of my chamber for I will burn to death if you do not answer my calling”. The ceiling began to fall in the fierce dance with the fire. Eliah made the leap out of the tower window.

When he opened his eyes he was drowning in a pool of water, he cried for help but all about him only the golden residue of what once was. A goddess appeared from underneath him. She said :“I am Ezili goddess of sweet water, love and beauty. You have been called to follow me”. She lured him deep into the waters when they arrived at the big tree. The water rippled on the surface as he spoke: “What is it that you seek where only those who’s stepped beyond death, or beyond fear, may come?”. Ezili blew spirit water over Eliah and he answered: “I have come to retrieve a part of my soul, to become whole”. They entered into the white bark of the tree with golden leaves and went down the roots, past the rich fertile ground into the belly of the mother. They stepped onto the shores of a sacred garden, looked about the meadow. There was a light coming from the forest on the mountains, they went to sit on a big boulder in the center of the meadow. Ezili swept her arms up and said: “Look about you Eliah you’re back in your primordial garden. Call on the gatekeeper of the soul.”

“Gatekeeper if your will is allowing, be my guide into the underworld, take me to the chambers of my soul. For I have come here to become whole…” A luminous being appeared, qualities of light, love and safety filled the invisible world between them, making their ancient connection visible. Huascar led Eliah through the meadow to an overgrown path with wooden stairs leading to the entrance of the first chamber. “This is the chamber of wounds. The chamber that holds the records of humanity. Here you will find the original wounding that made a part of your soul flee. To bear sacred witness to this quanta of energy that brings about your healing. You see, when we witness our shadow we bring it to the light. There is nothing to do here Eliah, you are the light, light illuminates what has been hidden in the dark.”

They entered the chamber of wounds. Dark and cold was the atmosphere, nothing visible to the eye. “It is not with the eye that we see, it is with the heart that we reveal the compassion to forgive the past and move towards our highest destiny”. They stood in the silent dark chamber for an eternity until Eliah remembered the love he felt for the hummingbird who visited his tower chamber, with sweet nectar running down it’s beak. The chamber became lighter and in the corner of the dark chamber, a big winged eagle was in a black metal cage. “Why are you…” “Hush Eliah, just witness, there is nothing to fix, nothing to do. You are the bearer of the light little one, perceive with your heart.”

In came flying a flock of smaller birds. An older female bird sat on the metal strip of the cage, feeding the eagle with a worm from her beak. “Dear mother, when can I fly with the others? I have never seen the outside world, I have never felt the freedom of soaring across the open sky, my soul wants to fly wing to wing with the great spirit” the eagle said after eating the worm. “Great eagle, I have been warned that you are bigger and stronger than all the others. Since I found you fallen from your nest it has been the orders of our leader to keep you in this cage. It breaks my heart to see you like this but our leader has kept us safe. He has never let us fly far to the great unknown destiny because he says change is dangerous you see”.

Huascar thanked the chamber and took Eliah by his hand, together they left the chamber which was now filled with light. They walked on an ancient path, a path walked by many souls, a sacred path towards the door of the chamber of contracts. The sounds of pen against paper, the press of buttons of typewriters and computers filled the air. Huascar put his luminous hand on the chamber door as he spoke: “This is the chamber of contracts, these contracts has kept us safe and served divine purpose in our lives. Many times when the soul is in duress it makes agreements for the safest and quickest way out. There are times in our soul journey when this contracts are blocking us from our becoming. We burn the old contracts and negotiate more expansive ones to facilitate our sacred dream, our sacred journey. The chamber is ready we have permission to enter, come little one.” Inside the chamber a flight of cobb stairs led them to a room filled with books, records, scripts and paintings each holding soul contracts of humanity. In the middle of the room was a tiny wooden desk, with a scroll and a black ribbon around it. Eliah opened the scroll and inside of it was written: “I don’t follow my divine way, others give me the coordinates to my map.” Huascar took Eliah by the hand, they made their way up the stairs and out to the sacred path that many souls have roamed. The sounds of pen against paper, the press of buttons of typewriters and computers dissipated as they journeyed forward.

Huascar led them to a big treasure chest in the middle of the primordial meadow. It was ancient, sealed for lifetimes. “This is the chamber of gifts. This gift has been kept here for you. It will help you integrate your experiences in the underworld, it will bring your middle world into harmony and will help you to your highest destiny in the upper world.” The treasure chest flung open, dust of centuries filled the air and inside an impeccable crystalline pendulum lay. Eliah held the pendulum in his hands, the ally on his journey to his becoming. As he slid it into his pants pocket the treasure chest slammed shut.

Huascar led Eliah back to the path, the path many souls have journeyed before to become whole. The little ones came before to find their lost soul part. A quanta of energy that left their field because in the original wounding it was too traumatic for the part who always remained in grace to stay. They arrived at the entrance at the end of the path, at the last chamber. In the chamber door orbs of light were flickering and moving in high vibration. Huascar opened the door and inside the chamber a boy with a compass and a map lay smiling in the meadow. Huascar nudged Eliah on the shoulder and said: “Now is the time for you to become whole, ask him”. Eliah stepped forward and asked the boy in the meadow : “Soul part, I have come here on this journey in the underworld to hear if you will accompany me in the middle world on my sacred journey to my becoming”. The boy in the meadow jumped up with a smile who’s been untouched by denseness and said: “Yes of course but we’ll have to change the soul contract, there is no place for me inside of its limitations.” Huascar started closing the door where the orbs danced in high vibration and the soul part jumped out of the chamber of grace.

Together Huascar, the scroll, the pendulum, the soul part and Eliah journeyed back to the big boulder in the meadow where Huascar and Eliah first met. The call of the eagle was coming from the mountains in the distance. “There’s a light there!”, the soul part said to Eliah. The blood orange light came closer, enlarging in size and in it’s warmth. It mulched into a broad winged eagle, who picked them upon his back and flew them to the roots of the white barked tree with golden leaves. Huascar turned around to make his way back down to the primordial meadow. “Huascar!” Eliah called. “You have been a noble guide to me, I thank you”. Up the roots they went, up with the sap of the tree. Back into the waters of Elizi they were, she blew spirit water on them and took them to rest upon the shore. “Why do you keep on blowing spirit water on us Elizi? Eliah asked a little out of breath. “It cleanses us from any energies that can’t manifest in this world. With the sound of her ambient voice, the spirit of the water swayed them to dream time. All is forgiven, all is well, rest in the light little one, all is forgiven…


In this mythical story of Eliah, his soul contract that negotiating his life reads:

“I don’t follow my divine way; others give me the coordinates to my map.”

What is a contract that will be expansive and expansive to be a conduit to Eliah’s soul journey?