Opinions change, so does the triangle of disempowerment. In a situation we always place someone or ourselves in the role of the victim, perpetrator or the hero. This is called the triangle of disempowerment. In the current state of affairs, the victim could be all of society, the hero the government and the perpetrator COVID-19. In someone else’s view the hero could be themselves exposing government and power structures, the victim the “unaware rest of population” and the perpetrator the government/power structures and the COVID-19 they have created for biological warfare. There are a few other plays on this triangle happening simultaneously, as there are many different dimensional realities happening at the same time. This becomes a tedious mind game where every argument seems to convince us, as we jump from one triangle to another, losing our grounding completely. This is where in isolation we still see some wild life in our monkey minds (haha).

Triangle of disempowerment:




Victim                                                           Perpetrator


In order to stay grounded within ourselves we have to become very aware of how we are projecting the triangle of disempowerment out in our lives and to the world. We can make lists of situations that make us feel uneasy and we will see that in those situations this structure exists. Here is why this structure is so disempowering:

Projecting the hero: Often we project onto others that they have saved us in some way. Others can definitely help us and guide us as all angels do. However, no one can be saved if they don’t have the will or intention to save themselves. When we project this onto someone or something we disown our own inner hero and give away our power.

Projecting the perpetrator: Often we disown our shadow aspects and place them onto another. The terms shadow comes from Jungian psychology and it basically states that everything outside of ourselves is a mirror of something within ourselves. When we disown them we don’t accept the whole of who we are and become judgmental towards others, creating separation, when we are all one.

Projecting the victim: When we place ourselves in this role we give our power away to both the hero and the perpetrator and when we place someone else in that role we take their power away.

So what to do then?

We place ourselves in a position where we take responsibility for our reality, despite what is going on around us. We simply become the hero, welcome to the hero’s journey. We focus our energy on what is true in the realm of absolute truth. What is true is that life is temporary and we have the opportunity to create the life we want for ourselves while we are here. Whatever that looks like, may it be in absolute truth and not in relative truth for the conviction of what we perceive as right and justified. Go outside, listen to the birds chirping, look at the sky change, give love to life around you, that is the gift.

The truth is that we have always been in disempowering structures and will continue to be until the fight for power is over. Become quiet and ask yourself what is the highest truth you want to tune into in your life. You have the power, if you believe it and if you know your heart.

Cultivate compassion for yourselves and others dear loves, it is challenging times.

May you walk in beauty