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Energy medicine allows abundant healing to happen at tremendous speeds and guides clients to transform their lives on all levels.  Just a few sessions provide amazing resources that many people seek from years of typical psychotherapy or extensive medical intervention and expensive pharmaceuticals – And this natural approach has no harmful side effects!

For a powerful, life-transformative private energy session (in person or remote), I ask for a reciprocity based compensation of $250.00 per session paid in full at the close of your session.

I am willing to offer a package of three sessions for the collective cost of $695.00 paid in full after your first session.

As I spoke of earlier,  I also will be warmly encouraging a post-session sage wisdom council check-in, two to three weeks after each session, to see how you are doing, create sacred space for your integrating all that you are receiving,  and to look together at what further support you might need.  In order to ensure their financial availability, I offer these 30-minute post-session sage wisdom council check in’s for a compensation of  $50.00 each to be paid in full upon closure of the check-in.

And for those select individuals that are 100% willing to celebrate claiming the deepest transformational commitment to their healing journey, I offer a bundled package of 3 sessions and 3 post-session sage wisdom council check-ins, (a value of $900.00) for a 10% fee reduction of $810.

Please contact me regarding fees and session lengths with couples, family and group processes and all other services so I can design a plan that is best suited for your unique situation.

the details

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Payments in the form of a personal check with my name placed in the “Pay to the order of” line can be sent directly to my business mailing address:




If desiring to use Paypal instead, for purposes of depositing payments into my account, visit the following link.
The Paypal system will allow you to pay with a credit card as well.  You will put the payment amount in the box titled “Donation“.

You will need to add 3.5% to your payment in order to cover the transaction
fees that Paypal charges me.

So for example,
 for a $50.00 payment (one check-in), you would submit $51.75.
 for a $250.00 payment (one session), you would submit $258.75.
 for a $695.00 payment (three session package), you would submit $719.33.
 for a $810.00 payment (full three sessions and three post session check-
in package), you would submit $838.35.