It’s no surprise that the word ‘health’ contains the word ‘heal’. When we heal ourselves, physically,
emotionally and spiritually we jump on the train of health. The world needs healing baby, we
deserve the life we desire, we just need to believe it.

1. Attitude of gratitude
There is always something to be grateful for. The star shines the brightest in the darkest
night. Cliché, but true. If you catch yourself in a negative spiral, think about something that
you’re grateful for. Totally focus your energy on that thing and your vibration will rise. When
our vibration rises we don’t only attract things of the same vibration but we see things from
a higher perspective.

2. Move your body
Energy gets stuck in our body. This creates tension. When we move we literally move
energy. This doesn’t have to be something serious. We can dance, stretch, go for walks, surf,
do yoga, be sexy in our hit workouts (Literally whatever movements calls to you).

3. Have sex to enjoy it
We are beings that seek connection. Spirituality and sex goes hand in hand. We are spirit
having a human experience. We were gifted our senses, to explore, discover and unfold all
the mysteries of the world. If you are having sex with your partner(s) because you feel
obliged to, you are acting against your authentic needs in that moment. Sometimes times of
celibacy is integral for our healing. Be open with your sexual partner(s) and explain why you
feel the need to take a break from having sex. When we are open and transparent, it creates
room for understanding. Your partner(s) might go through feelings of unworthiness when
you do abstain for a while. Hold them in that space with love, it isn’t always easy when we

have to take space from connecting with our loved one. Reiterate why you are taking this
time for yourself. Fill the times of sexual intercourse with things that you feel comfortable
doing. For example: Having cuddles, going on dates, going for walks, doing other things that
create connection with your partner but doesn’t include sex. If your partner doesn’t respect
this, you have to sit with yourself and contemplate if this is a person you want to share your
inner most being with.
Girls, Yoni wands and Yoni eggs have worked miracles in healing sexual trauma for me.
Check it out, there are stores all around the globe. Use with intention, it makes the healing
profoundly powerful.

4. Celebrate the small wins
The future is not something far away; it is something in the moment. What you are doing
now, is creating your future. Is what you’re doing now adding to the ‘future’ you desire?
Follow your good feeling, that is a beautiful indication that you’re on a high vibrational path.

5. Ask the universe
Everything manifested on this earth was once a dream. Can you remember when you
dreamt of what you have now?

6. Love freely
Love is what we are, we don’t need to seek. We can do the work to unravel of ourselves
everything that is not love. Love is what feels good, fear is what we have learned here.

7. Listen to uplifting music
Um tshhh um tssshh

8. Tune in to your inner child and play
Go to the garden, spend time with children, it’s okay to be taken by the magical simple
wonders of the earth. What did you love doing as a child?

9. Share your gifts with the world
Yes, I know some of us don’t know what our gifts are. We need to stop seeing it as
something to do, but rather that we gift the world with our presence. When you are in a
state of happiness and engagement in whatever you are busy with it affects the collective
consciousness with good energy. There is a melody of the universe and each of us is a song.

10. Make decisions from an empowered place and create healthy boundaries
We often make decisions with our minds but when we tune in to our bodies they have the
answers. When we become still we can feel the ‘’ýes’’ pull in our bodies as well is the ‘’no’’
pull. When we aren’t tuned into our bodies it’s easy for us to make choices from fear, then
we end up with situations that pull us back to our old patterns that doesn’t feel good to us.
Somatic awareness helps with this. When you’re about to make a decision, feel into your
body, where does this decision sit within your body? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable? If
the decision sits comfortably, you know you’re on the right track.

Love, Sammy xxx