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The Journey

This journey is for those who want to manifest lasting change but hold blocks, unhealthy habits or limiting beliefs. Those who are in need of psychic and spiritual protection. Those who seek deep understanding and inner wisdom. Those who desire to create meaningful relationships with themselves, others, nature and spirit. Those who want to live extraordinary lives in harmony with their highest destiny. Those who walk with beauty.


Healing The Dark And Shadow Side

The shaman understands that there are energies that are toxic and leaves us in psychic entanglement. Things in the dark are much stronger and more frightening than those who are exposed to the light. In the shadow of the unconscious often lies the greatest creative gifts. Discover working with the benevolent forces of nature to bring healing to the dark side, by experiencing shamanic tools that will leave you empowered and free. Meet with your helping spirits and allies.



A True Connection...

Sam is an incredibly gifted healer. She is able to create a loving space that allows me to feel completely seen, heard and held during my sessions. Her connection to Spirit is integral and pure. The wisdom she delivers during my sessions is always aligned with what my soul is deeply needing to receive. I work with Sam remotely, but the signal we share feels as if we are together in the same room. I am grateful for the beautiful, attentive and powerful energy Sam graciously offers me, which has been profound in helping me honour my soul’s purpose and remember my heart’s gifts.

– Holly Mihelic | Writer | United States –

A Helpful & Healing Experience

My experience with Sammy Saunders was so helpful to my growth and healing.  She combined her keen intuition and sensitivity with shamanic techniques that made my session with her extremely effective.   I was working with her on an issue that made me feel vulnerable to share with anyone.  Through her intuition, she was able to help identify where a problem existed.  This helped me to clearly see that it was time to work with this issue and I was then able to open up and share the problem with her.  
Throughout the session, Sammy kept a strong connection with me which I found to be so helpful.  She was right there by my side which enabled me to relax, feel safe and allow healing to take place.  Sammy facilitated my Soul Retrieval in such a way that it allowed me to find my own answers to my problem. This really empowered me.  After 3 weeks I was still integrating the many lessons and messages from spirit that I took away from this session! I would recommend Sammy’s healing work to anyone who is ready to grow and go deeper into their personal healing journey.  

– Barbara Pike | Shamanic Practitioner | California, United States –

A Wonderful Session

A wonderful, lifting experience – I really enjoyed the healing Sammy brings. The session offered me much-needed guidance and also relieved heavy energy which was weighing me down. (I even lost weight afterward! Just shows you how much we are unconsciously holding onto). A very uplifting and heartfelt experience overall.

Thank you, Samantha

– Elsebe Cronje | CEO & Chef os Sweet Dandelion Delights | East London, South Africa –

Caring and Professionalism

The care with Sammy not only restored my vitality and self-confidence, but it also helped me to reconnect with myself, to point out where it hurts (and it’s often where it wasn’t expected). The positive energy is released, the chakras are aligned, the energetic cleansing takes place. Each session is a journey across borders (the ones we set for ourselves). We let ourselves be guided through the healing process. Sammy is always vigilant, attentive and comforting when necessary. The results are felt and sustained, especially when work is continued outside the sessions. I can only recommend Sammy’s services to anyone who feels the need to regain balance and guidance at various stages of their life.

-Magali Justic | French Teacher & Writer | Stellenbosch, South Africa –

An Exceptional Experience

As an individual who is new to this field I of work I had no idea of what to expect. My only previous exposure to this field was when I received an energy alignment a few months ago. I was therefore very impressed with the professionalism with which Sammy Saunders conducted the session. I was even more impressed with the manner in which Sammy approached this session. Knowing that it would be my first Soul Retrieval and my second Energy Alignment, she took great effort in explaining the process and how it was going to be conducted. Not once during the session did I feel uncomfortable or unsure of what was going to happen next. As an individual Sammy is a kind and thoughtful person and this was evident in the way she treated me.

Sammy Saunders has my full recommendation. She is professional, kind and a great spiritual teacher.

– Noël Basson | English Teacher | Shanghai, China –

A Life-Changing Journey

To say that my healing session with Sammy was transformative would be an understatement. Words cannot describe or explain how truly healing and life-changing the experience was. I went in very open-minded, but not expecting a lot. I could never have predicted what I would have gained. I am writing this testimony more than six weeks after the healing session and I still feel the effects. Every day the benefits of my session with Sammy get stronger. I think what is important to say because it shows the impact of the healing, is how many strangers and people I have just met have commented on my happy and positive energy. There has been a complete shift.  I went from feeling very heavy and burdened with emotion, to feeling light, happy and full of love. This shift has meant that I receive so much love and kindness from people around me.

Sammy is extremely talented. She is loving and sensitive and is able to create a safe space for the healing. She holds and protects her clients through deep trust. I felt so comfortable with her and this is the foundation of any kind of energetic and spiritual healing.

– Chloe Shain | Anthropology Student, UCT | Cape Town, South Africa –

A Well of Transformation

I love working with Sammy. She holds a compassionate & kind safe space where I can easily unfold. Her energy is a pleasant balance of masculine protection and feminine nurturing that I find most suitable for this healing path. I recommend her with my eyes closed and my heart open. You will find in her a magic water well of transformation.

– Rossana Rivero Henderson | Shamanic Practitioner, Life Coach, CEO & Founding Partner for Organico | Uruguay –

Deeply Meaningful

As an integrative nutrition health coach on my own healing journey, I have used many alternative healers and alternative healing modalities. Yet somehow I am always so sceptical when I try a new one – especially via Skype. I was totally blown away by my session with Sam! It was deeply meaningful soul work with revitalisation and renewed life-force almost instantly. (I’m writing this a few weeks after my session because the sceptic in me had to see if it was a lasting shift – and it has been!).

Sam was able to create a safe nurturing space even via a computer!

Health and healing require us to pay attention to mind, body and spirit. If your soul and life force are lagging, if you feel no matter how well you eat or exercise that you are still not vibrant, or if you just want to add another dimension to your self-care – then I highly recommend Sam and her soul-work.

– Catherine Barnhoorn  |  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and author of Mila’s Meals –

Astute and Compassionate

Sammy is a wise child who has taken up the practice of shamanism with integrity and passion. With astuteness and compassion, she has been transmuting her wounds into powerful alchemized medicine that she generously offers in her healing sessions.

Her hawk-like perception pinpoints the issue up for healing and guides in a sacred space of compassion and gentleness. I consider it an honour to have worked with Sammy.

– Marta Bukowski  |  Shamanic Practitioner & English Teacher  |  Toulouse, France –





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